Vocaburaly - Chapter 1 Information society environment in...

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Chapter 1: Information society – environment in which more jobs create, process, or distribute information than directly produce goods. The environment is characterized by mass production of information, which requires the constant learning of new activities and processes. Conceptual Age – environment in which inventive, empathic, big-picture capabilities are required for the most fulfilling jobs. Written and oral communication, inquiry, critical and creative thinking, quantities literacy, cultural knowledge, teamwork, synthesis of learning, and strong personal ethics are highly valued Organizational Excellence – ability of people to work together and utilize technology for creative solving of increasingly complex problems Communication Competency – composed of knowledge sensitivity, skills, and values. Competence arises from interaction of theory, practice, and analysis Knowledge Competency – ability to understand the organizational communication environment Sensitivity Competency – ability to sense organizational meanings and feeling accurately. Skills competency – ability to analyze organizational situations accurately and to initiate and consume organizational messages effectively Values competency – importance of taking responsibility for effective communication, thereby contributing to organizational execellence Human Communication Process – attempts to construct shared realties thorugh social
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Vocaburaly - Chapter 1 Information society environment in...

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