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My Leadership Style 1 - My Leadership Style Leadership can...

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My Leadership Style Leadership can be hard to define. Every culture has a leadership style that is considered the right leadership style. Different situations call for certain type of leader. So there isn’t just one correct leadership style that is accurate. To me leadership is defined by how a leader can affectively guide its people, groups, and the entire organization. Also, being able to analyze how to handle certain situations accurately, and providing the correct action to achieve organization goals. My leadership style would be a mixture of situational and a transformational approach. The book defines situational approach by stating that it is a leadership theory that explores how leaders interact with followers and the requirements of a particular environment. Also, using the transformational approach hopefully I would be able to motivate my employees by my personal experiences. Being able to deceiver what type of people or groups I am dealing with and be able to figure out how I should motivate them. Giving them my personal experiences and examples
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