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Form 1.2.2 Describe the organization. a. Situation 1: The organization that my husband and I were very satisfied with would be when we went out to eat Olive Garden in Las Vegas, NV. b. Situation 2: The organization that I had a good experience with was actually with the Virgin America Airlines. I was going on a trip from Las Vegas, NV to Seattle, WA. Describe the experience and the good service or product quality in some detail. a. Situation 1: The experience was very good. After having being in Okinawa so long we were used to good service but once we went out to in the States we continuously had bad experiences with servers. So once we were eating at Olive Garden we were seated right away and had menus and drinks. Soon after receiving our menus the server was right there ready to give us a refill and take our orders. The entire night the server was very attentive and polite. We never had a empty drink and even offered a military discount. b.
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