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Form 1.2.3 What do you regard as the most favorite product or service you have ever purchased? Explain why you regard this product or service so highly. o My favourite service that I have received would be when I get a pedicure at Coco’s Nail Salon on Okinawa, Japan. The reason why this is my favorite service is because each time I get a pedicure there I am always impressed with the service. The staff is always very polite and patient. When you are getting a pedicure they provide a drink free of charge and limitless refills. They also do nail art that you wouldn’t receive in the States if you would get it in the States it would not be the same and would also cost you a lot more. The staff takes their time when they are giving you the pedicure and don’t make you feel rushed. I always leave there feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can tell that they are very popular because they are always booked. What (if any) role did human resources have in making this product or service so
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