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MODULE 1 Chapter 1 - Bernardin Textbook STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT Objectives: *Describe the field of HRM and its potential for creating and sustaining competitive advantage. *Describe discrepancies between actual HRM practices and recommendations for HRM practice based on scholarly research. *Describe major activities of HRM *Explain important trends relevant to HRM. *Emphasize the importance of measurement for effective and strategic HRM. *Understand what is meant by competitive advantage. Overview: HRM helps organizations find effective methods for selecting staff, HR planning, work design and job analysis, training and development, recruiting, compensation, team-building, performance management and appraisal, and worker health and safety issues. Line managers and HRM are an important factor today as line managers, for example, will spend more than 50 percent of their time involved in human resource activities. The most effective HRM programs are those, which are designed and improved with the organization's mission and strategic plan in mind (e.g., with customer satisfaction as an ultimate goal). Think about your best and worst customer service experience when you complete Forms 1.2.1, and 1.2.2. However, this is not how HRM is typically carried out in the U.S. Some programs are faddish, disjointed, and are only designed to keep up with the competition or do what neighboring organizations are doing. Sometimes there is limited integration among the various HR activities (e.g., selection and performance appraisal). Most firms do not assess the long-term effectiveness of their HRM programs. Fortunately, the status of HRM activities in the U.S. is improving. Why is this happening? The HRM function is becoming more professional (i.e. greater training for HRM
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MODULE 1 - MODULE 1 Chapter 1 - Bernardin Textbook...

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