Quiz Chapters 1 - 6 (Fall 2011) (1)

Quiz Chapters 1 - 6 (Fall 2011) (1) - Name:_Jennifer Mayo_...

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Name:_____Jennifer Mayo_______________ HRMN 400: Human Resource Management: Analysis and Problems Quiz – Chapters 1 – 6 MULTIPLE CHOICE: Circle the correct answer for each question; each question is worth three (3) points.) 1. The products or services of HRM include the following EXCEPT: a. Organizational restructuring b. Job design c. Personnel planning d. Evaluating e. arbitrating 2. To maintain a competitive advantage, a company must have: a. Perceived customer value b. Performance management c. Offer uniqueness d. Diversification e. Both a and c 3. What does the term "prima facie" mean? a. A body of facts presumed to be true until proven otherwise b. An unintentional case of unfair discrimination c. The court's final ruling d. Past case law e. Past legislation 4. Which of the following cases dealt with "Age as the determinative factor"? a. Griggs v. Duke Power b. Mastie v. Great Lakes Steel Corp. c. Connecticut v. Teal d. Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson e. Albemarle Paper Company v. Moody 5. The Americans with Disabilities Act a. Requires that employers have an affirmative action plan for the disabled. b. Exempts managerial and administrative jobs. c. Protects drug addicts from discrimination. d. Requires that employers make "reasonable accommodation". e. Requires employers to hire all disabled persons who can perform the non-essential parts of the job
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6. Work/Job analysis: a. Is the foundation for most HR systems in organizations. b. Includes information on the major tasks and duties to be performed c. Is the procedure through which you determine the abilities needed to perform a job. d.
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Quiz Chapters 1 - 6 (Fall 2011) (1) - Name:_Jennifer Mayo_...

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