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Quiz 4 Attempt 1 - ViewAttempt1of2 Title: Quiz 04 (Ch. 03 -...

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View Attempt 1 of 2 Title: Quiz 04 (Ch. 03 - China, Japan, and East Asia) 1. Match the terms to the correct definition. 1. Douglas MacArthur 2. Dalai Lama 3. Ho Chi Minh 4. Deng Xiaoping a. Tibetan spiritual leader forced into ex b. Chinese leader who brought an end to experiments. c. First commander of the United Nation Korean War. Later dismissed by Presiden to widen the war into China. d. Organizer of the communist and natio Vietnam after World War II. Statement Response 1 c 2 a 3 d 4 b Score: 4/4 Comments: 2. The leader who led the Chinese communists to control of the C was Student Response Correct Answer A.Den Xiaoping. B.Zhou Enlai. C.Mao Zedong.
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Correct Answer D.Jiang Jieshi. Score: 4/4 Comments: 3. Which of the following US protected nations were the most diff normalization of relations between the United States and China Student Response Correct Answer A.Vietnam B.Nationalist China (Taiwan) C.Japan D.Philippines Score: 0/4 Comments: 4. The United States began its expanded presence in Vietnam whe Student Response Correct Answer A.sent armed forces into that country during WWII to push out the Japanese. B.sent military aid to Ho Cho Minh in his struggle against the French. C.intervened militarily to rescue French forces besieged at Dienbenphu. D.gradually began to fill the
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Quiz 4 Attempt 1 - ViewAttempt1of2 Title: Quiz 04 (Ch. 03 -...

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