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Quiz 5 - Attempt 2 - ViewAttempt2of2 Title Quiz 05(Ch 04...

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View Attempt 2 of 2 Title: Quiz 05 (Ch. 04 - India, Pakistan, and the Asian Subcontinent) 1. Match the person to their achievement or significance. 1. Ayub Khan 2. Salman Rushdie 3. Ferdinand Marcos 4. Sukarno Sukarno 5. General Suharto a. Philippine president who used patronag authoritarian control of the Philippines. b. Author of The Satanic Verses c. Indonesian leader who led liberation fig colonial rule in the East Indies. Eventually dictatorship based on his charisma and inte d. Indonesian leader who resisted the Com eventually formed an anti-communist gove e. Pakistani leader who established a milit support and financial aid from the US. Statement Response 1 e 2 b 3 a 4 c 5 d Score: 4/4 Comments: 2. Match the term or idea to the correct definition. 1. Nationalization 2. Ethnic a. Form of national identity in which th legitimacy from historical cultural or he
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Nationalism 3. Mixed Economy 4. Neocolonialism 5. Plutocracy b. An economy which combines regula capitalism and a limited number of soc State ownership of some sectors of the c. Government by a controlling, wealth d. The taking of private assets into gov ownership. e. Colonialism in the post-empire age t exercise of influence over another less- or sectors by economic, language, cultu rather than by the traditional colonialist political take-over and direct control. Statement
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Quiz 5 - Attempt 2 - ViewAttempt2of2 Title Quiz 05(Ch 04...

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