Quiz 6 - Attempt 1

Quiz 6 - Attempt 1 - Title: Quiz 06 (Ch. 05 - Africa) Total...

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Title: Quiz 06 (Ch. 05 - Africa) Total score: 75/100 = 75% Total score adjusted by 0.0 Maximum possible score: 100 1. Zaire prospered under President Mobutu's leadership. Student Response Correct Answer A.True B.False Score: 0/5 Comments: 2. Which of the following is an INCORRECT statement about Ne Student Response Correct Answer A.Nelson Mandela spent nearly 30 years as a political prisoner in South Africa. B.Early on Nelson Mandela recognized that violence was the only path that would lead to end of apartheid in South Africa. C.Nelson Mandela has supported sabotage only as a last resort in resistance to South African oppression. D.Even while imprisoned Nelson Mandela emerged as the leader of the African National Congress. Score: 0/5 Comments:
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3. Which of the following was not part of the French Community Student Response Correct Answer A.Continued French control of administrative life in former French colonies. B.Monetary union with France. C.Economic aid. D.Advisors and technical support. Score: 5/5 Comments: 4. During the 1960s, the leadership or power in most African coun
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Quiz 6 - Attempt 1 - Title: Quiz 06 (Ch. 05 - Africa) Total...

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