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Project Description - ADM2320 Sections B, C & D Group...

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ADM2320 Sections B, C & D Group Project Due Date: November 24 @ 4pk @ InfoDesk - Desmarais Weight in Final Grade: 25% The purpose of this group project is to allow you to apply marketing concepts in analyzing real- life marketing situations. The project develops your skills by allowing you to select real life companies of special interest to you, and then analyze their marketing environment and marketing strategies using the concepts and terminology learned in ADM2320. Some guidelines to follow in completing the comprehensive project are: 1. As a group, select two companies operating a business and marketing products in the same industry, for example, Food Basics and Loblaws or Food Basics and Freshco. Either companies that are similar or contrasting may be used although they pose somewhat different analytical challenges. Most retail or service businesses, large or small, are suitable for this project. 2. Each group must submit: (a) the preferred companies to be studied on or before October 06. 3. Once you have selected the companies and the industry, proceed to gather information about this industry and the marketing strategy utilized by both the companies that you have selected for your project. 4. Your report will consist of a detailed and comprehensive description and analysis of the industry that the two companies are operating in. As well, your report will contain a comprehensive analysis of the marketing strategies utilized by each of the two companies your group has selected. Similarities and differences observed must be adequately
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Project Description - ADM2320 Sections B, C & D Group...

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