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hw1 - Internet Service Provider(ISP your router 5 In a lot...

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HW1 1. Describe the common points between virtual circuit switching and circuit switching, and the common points between virtual circuit switching and datagram switching. 2. List the major advantages and disadvantages with the layered approach to protocols. 3. Suppose station A and B are interconnected through two parallel unreliable links, where each link has a failure probability of 0.1. Calculate the average seconds per day when A and B lose communication. 4. Suppose you are running a home business and want a very reliable Internet connection (say, you have 4 computers and you don’t want a disruption of more than 1 minute). Explain how you would design this home network. (hint, consider the following potential failures: your
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Unformatted text preview: Internet Service Provider (ISP), your router) 5. In a lot of cases exactly one protocol data unit in layer N is encapsulated in a PDU at layer (N-1). It is also possible to break one N-level PDU into multiple (N-1)-level PDUs (segmentation) or to group multiple N-level PDUs into one (N-1)-level PDU (blocking). a. In the case of segmentation, is it necessary that each (N-1)-level segment contain a copy of the N-level header? b. In the case of blocking, is it necessary that each N-level PDU retain its own header, or can the data be consolidated into a single N-level PDU with a single N-level header?...
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