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The Basics: Before we begin the actual webpage assignment, there are a few basic pieces of information that are critical for success and understanding. (1) Lasagna - Think of a pan of lasagna coming out of the oven. You see the top layer; bubbling cheese, noodles with slightly browned edges, and small pools of tomato sauce. While you know that there are many layers of noodles, cheese, and meat lying under that top layer, you can’t see them. The reality is that when the pan comes out of the oven, all you can see if that one top layer. A website is exactly the same. When you visit the homepage of a website, what you see is the top layer. This is called the index page. There can be hundreds of pages underneath that page. They are all linked and organized from the index page. (2) Index - Our tendency is to try and personalize our homepage. We want to call it “Diane’s Homepage.htm” or SmithIndex.htm” – or any other variation. None of these options will display as the homepage. The sites home page MUST be called index.htm. No more, no less. Any changes, additions, or variations, will result in an Error 404 message – “This page cannot be displayed”. It’s just one of those basic rules – the homepage for any website must be called index.htm. (3)
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Assignment_Background_Notes_-_Important - The Basics:...

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