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Activity 8 Report To: Ruben and Lisa From: Jonathan Maloy Subject : Project 8: Comparing the Old and New Methods of Collecting Data Date: March 14 th , 2011 Hello, Ruben and Lisa this is the information that I have gathered when dealing with comparing the old and the new ways of methods of collecting new and old data. I read all the information that you have determined and I just have a couple of suggestions that I think will help you and be very beneficial to your company and the way that you conduct business. 1. I feel like the old detail on our product were too vague and did not have enough information. 2. I think that our old method of collecting information was not specific enough and did not determine things in too much detail at all. This is why I feel that the new way of gathering information would be better and a lot more useful and detailed. These are my sugestions. 1. I feel that it would be to use more than one spreadsheet
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Unformatted text preview: would help us gather more detail in depth than using just one. 2. I feel that you could also combine 2 or more speadsheets in order to keep more information in greater detail. These are my 2 main suggestions that I feel would help our company the best. The only concern that I have is the privacy with our customers. Some people do not want all their information all over the place and this is the whole privacy issue that people have and is completely understandable. Some people could care less but some people do not want their information all over the place, so we could ask our customers if they had a problem with this and if they did than we could act upon it in the proper way that it would need to be dealt. These are my main suggestions please feel free to ask me any questions or let me know if you have any concerns again thanks for the time and take care. Jonathan Maloy...
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