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Chapter 7 definition of stress, eustress, distress, and stressor. Walter Cannon’s description of stress. Know the stages of Hans Selye’s GAS Know the characteristics of the behavior types and hardiness. Know the steps of time management. Review the section coping with stress focusing on benefits, styles, and descriptions. Stress the body’s physical response to any demand placed upon it. Stressor any incident or life event, either real or perceived, that elicits the stress response in the human body. Eustress: Positive stress; health and performance continue to improve even as stress increases Distress: Negative stress; unpleasant or harmful stress under which health and performance begin to deteriorate Walter Cannon description was Fight or Flight which is defined as the body’s physical changes in the face of stress as our initial preparation to “fight” against the stressor or to “flee” the perceived harm of the stressor. muscles are tensed,
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Unformatted text preview: alertness is heightened, blood pressure rises, and the heart rate and breathing rate speeds up. As these systems are heightened in preparation to deal with the stressor, other systems, including the immune system, are suppressed because they are not vital at the time. These stress hormones remain in the bloodstream after the stressful situation has passed. Fight or flight: Physiological response to stress that prepares the individual to take action by stimulating the vital defense systems Hardiness: 1. Commitment 2. Challenge 3. Control Time Management Steps to time management Find time killers Set long-range and short-range goals Prioritize your immediate goals Use a daily planner Conduct nightly audits Delegate Say no Protect against boredom Plan for disruptions Get it done...
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studyGuideChp127 - alertness is heightened, blood pressure...

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