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BUS M&L 650 EXAM 1 5:30 p. m. Class Summer Quarter 2007 Exam answers will be posted on course carmen.osu site at 7 pm. 1. As shown in the tape we saw on the first day of class, the focus (center) of marketing activities is ________________. a. advertising b. the bottom line c. customers d. distinctive competencies 2. Data mining enabled Bally’s to identify its most profitable customer segment- a. global high rollers b. off duty employees c. betters who lost modest amounts frequently d. the rich and famous 3. The definition of marketing used over and over in class refers to 3 ways of relating to customers that are listed below. Which one of the following, however, is NOT part of that definition. a. satisfying customers b. changing customers c. understanding customers d. identifying customer 4. Conveniently located vending machines around campus make it easy for you to buy a Coca Cola beverage and a snack between classes. This convenience is a part of the _____________ element of the marketing mix. a. product b. place c. promotion d. price 5. If an organization makes voluntary exchanges, it is “doing marketing” regardless of whether there is a marketing department, marketing is approved of, etc. To understand this inevitability, we talked about the discovery of _____________. a. America b. breathing c. communication media d. dynamite 6. The manufacturers of consumer goods concentrate on the creation of ______________ utility. a. advertising b. form c. time d. place
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7. The evolution of organizational orientations looks at changes in _______________ over time. a. marketing definitions b. buyer behavior c. the way customers have been treated d. competitive practices 8. The marketing orientation is just about the opposite of the _____________ orientation. a. production b. product c. selling d. social responsibility 9. The first chapter in the text featured various examples of marketing ___________. a.
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650%20Sample%20Midterm%201 - BUS M&L 650 EXAM 1 5:30 p. m....

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