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BUS M&L 650 EXAM 3 5:30 p. m. Class Summer Quarter 2007 Exam answers will be posted on course carmen.osu site at 7 p. m. Answers are listed by test color. 1. The first step in developing the advertising program is to __________. a. specify objectives b. set the budget c. choose the media d. identify the target market 2. Which of the major ad media is described as “targets specific audiences, long-life, relatively high cost”? a. radio b. broadcast TV c. magazines d. newspapers 3. Most cable TV networks have a target market similar to that of ____________. a. newspapers b. broadcast TV (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Networks) c. magazines d. the yellow pages 4. When people say “we don’t do much marketing”, what they probably mean is ____________. a. we don’t do much marketing b. we don’t approve of marketing c. we don’t do much advertising d. we have all the customers we need or want now 5. P&G’s Tremor program (described in class) is an example of _____________. a. “in your face” promotion b. buzz-viral marketing c. creative use of conventional media d. product placement 6. Pick out the single FALSE statement about current conditions for promotion practices: a. Markets and media are becoming more fragmented. b. Pretty much all customer groups have become more skeptical about marketing communications. c. The promotion environment has become more cluttered than ever. d. There are no practical alternatives for advertising. 7. The process of selective perception is why most ads are __________. a. screened out b. cluttered out c. competed out
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d. difficult to measure 8. Advertising waste is greatest for ___________. a.
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Sample%20Midterm%203%20(edited) - BUS M&L 650 EXAM 3...

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