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BFIN 620 Course Syllabus SP2009 - BUSINESS FINANCE 620...

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BUSINESS FINANCE 620 Course Syllabus Spring Quarter 2009 Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 – 10:18am 105 Schoenbaum Monday and Wednesday, 7:30 – 9:18pm 105 Schoenbaum Course Website – Instructors: Bill Rives Paul Weinstock 638 Fisher Hall 334 Fisher Hall 292-6436 Office 292-4719 Office 292-2418 Fax 292-2418 Fax E-Mail Address: Use [email protected] for all course correspondence Office Hours: To be announced in class by each instructor COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES This course has been designed to help prepare you for a successful career in business. The course explores one of the most important decisions made by corporate managers – Which of the investment projects available to a firm are worth undertaking? To examine this question, you will learn: how to value a firm’s financial assets by valuing uncertain streams of cash flows the firm expects to earn in the future; how to apply the basic methods used by firms to evaluate investment opportunities; how to measure financial risk and return, how the trade-off between risk and return operates, and how risk influences a firm’s investment decisions; how the efficiency of capital markets influences a firm’s financial decisions; and how to adapt the tools of corporate financial analysis to your own personal finance and investment decisions. With respect to the final point, the parallel between the financial decisions of companies and persons is striking, and should motivate and facilitate your learning in this course.
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Business Finance 620 Course Syllabus / Spring 2009 / Page 2 COURSE MATERIALS Required Course Text Richard Brealey, Stewart Myers & Alan Marcus Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 5 th edition, McGraw-Hill / Irwin, 2007 A custom-published edition is available with just those chapters covered by the course. Alternatively, you may use a new or used copy of the full 5 th edition. We DO NOT support earlier editions of the text. Required Calculator You may use a financial or scientific calculator. Students frequently purchase a financial calculator, like the HP-12C or the TI-83 . However, a scientific calculator is OK. If you are majoring in a field of business, such as accounting or finance, a financial calculator is a good investment. Current instructional manuals for both HP and Texas Instruments calculators are posted on the course website. COURSE EXAMS There are three exams in the course. Each covers specific chapters in the required text (see the Course Schedule , below). All exam questions follow a multiple-choice format. You will be provided with a formula sheet for use on each exam. An advance copy will be posted to the course website for your review prior to the exam. The copy you use on an exam will be attached to the exam (do not bring your own copy). You should bring to each exam (1) your calculator, (2) several #2 pencils, which you
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BFIN 620 Course Syllabus SP2009 - BUSINESS FINANCE 620...

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