tb27 - Chapter 27 Biomolecules Lipids MATCH each ofthe...

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Chapter 27 - Biomolecules: Lipids MATCH each ofthe following terms to a structure from the list below. There is only one correct structure for each term, and structures may be used more than once. Place the letter of the structure in the blank to the left of the corresponding term. B. 0 II + CH2OPOCH2CH2N(CH3b I 6- CHNHDO(CH2)16CH3 I CHOH I CH == CH(CH2)12CH3 A. 0 H HO C. CH2OCO(CH2)12CH3 I CHOCO(CH2)16CH3 I CH2OCO(CH2)14CH3 0 D. /~cmH , , HO OH E. , "CH 3 CH2OCO(CH2)12CH2 I F CH3(CH2)SCH=CH(CH2hOCO- CH 0 . I II + CH2OPOCH2CH2NH3 I 0- H3C G. Malonyl ACP H. 0 II - + CH3(CH2)4CH=CHCH2CH=CH(CH2hCO Na I. 0 II CH3-C-SCoA J. ~CH2(]>P Test Items/or McMurry's Organic Chemistry, Seventh Edition 3/3
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1. - startingmaterialfor fattyacidbiosynthesis. Answer: i 2. - aphosphoglyceride Answer: f 3. - aprostaglandin Answer: d 4. - monoterpeneprecursor Answer: j 5. - a triglyceride Answer: c 6. - a sphingomyelins Answer: b 7. _a soap Answer: h 8. - a glycerophospholipid Answer: f 9. _asteroid Answer: a 10. - a sesquiterpene Answer: e 11. Bolecic acid, C1sHz6Oz, yields stearic acid, CH3(CHz)16COOH,on catalytic hydrogenation. Ozonolysis of bolecic acid yields the following products:
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tb27 - Chapter 27 Biomolecules Lipids MATCH each ofthe...

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