tb28 - Chapter 28 Biomolecules Nucleic Acids MATCH each of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 28 - Biomolecules: Nucleic Acids MATCH each of the following terms to a structure from the list below. There is only one correct structure for each term and structures may be used more than once. Place the letter of the structure in the blank to the left of the corresponding term. A. Sanger dideoxy method C. Watson-Crick CN'" E. lKJII,wAo OH OH G. transcription I. AUGGCUGAG N :( NH2 /1::7 N II \ I K.-OPOH2C ~ N ~N) I 0- OH M. AGATCGCTC 1. _a pyrimidinenucleoside Answer: E 2.- RNAbase sequencewith guanineat the 3' end. Answer: I 3.- DNAbase sequencewith cytosineat the 3' end. Answer: M 322 B. GAUCGUAAA D. translation F. IT C;(-r'w OH OH H. Maxam-Gilbert method J. replication L. NJ ~ Lj' HOHC N ~N) '~ OH Chapter 28: Biomo/ecu/es: Nucleic Acids 4.- uridine Answer: E 5. _a purinenucleoside Answer: L Answer: A 6.- DNA sequencing method for the human genome 7.- RNA base sequence complementary to the DNA base sequence which codes for Leu-Ala-Phe: Answer: B CTAGCATTT Answer: K 8.- 2'-deoxyadenosine5'-phosphate Answer: D 9.- processby whichmRNAdirectsproteinsynthesis 10. The process invented in 1986 which allows multiple copies of a given DNA sequence to be produced is: a....
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tb28 - Chapter 28 Biomolecules Nucleic Acids MATCH each of...

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