tb29 - Chaoter 29 - The OrJ!anic Chemistrv of Metabolic...

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Chaoter 29 - The OrJ!anic Chemistrv of Metabolic Pathwavs MATCH a term or structure ftom the list below to each of the following definitions or names. Place the letter of the term or structure in the blank to the left of the definition or name which it describes. A. electron-transport chain R I B. (N) ~m2 0 C. citric acid cycle D. Embden-Meyerhoff E. glycolysis R I F. H'CYyNyN,( H3C~N~ 'H 0 G. Hans Krebs H. catabolism I. ATP J. 2-O:JPo (;C :C ° H N I H/ + ~ OH CH3 K. fatty acid spiral L. anabolism M. acetyl CoA N. 0 ,uya OPO:J 2- coer I o. C=o I CHz I COO- (oxaloacetate) P. gluconeogenesis Q. metabolism 1. - Pathwaysthat synthesizelargerbiomoleculesftom smallerones. Answer: L 2. - Acetylgroupsare oxidizedto yield carbondioxideand water. Answer: C Test Items for McMurry's Organic Chemistry, Seventh Edition 329
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3. - The "energy currency"ofthe cell. Answer: I 4. - Coenzyme NAD+ required in the ~-oxidation offatty acids, glycolysis, and the citric acid cycle. Answer: B 5. - Discov'erersof the glycolysispathway. Answer: D 6. - Pyridoxal phosphate, the cofactor in transaminations. Answer: J 7. - Uses the energy produced in the citric acid cycle to make ATP. Answer: A 8. - The product of the citric acid cycle, which is a reactant in the first step. Answer: 0 9. - The pathway by which organisms make glucose from simple precursors. Answer: P 10. - Common fatty acids have an even number of carbons because they are biosynthesized from - . Answer: M 11. Olive oil is comprised of 80% oleic acid, CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOH. How many molecules of acetyl CoA are produced by catabolism of oleic acid and how many passages of the ~-oxidation pathway are needed? Answer:
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tb29 - Chaoter 29 - The OrJ!anic Chemistrv of Metabolic...

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