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tb31 - Chaoter 31 Svnthetic Polvmers MATCH a term or...

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""'" Chaoter 31 - Svnthetic Polvmers MATCH a term or structure from the list below to each of the following definitions or names. Place the letter of the term or structure in the blank to the left of the definition or name which it describes. A. BF3 + H2O B. elastomer C. chain-growth polymer D. AI(CH2CH3h + TiCl4 E.~3 F.fto--< > r < }-1 Gl3 G. thermoplastic H. homopolymer I. plasticizers J. thermosetting resins K. copolymers L. step-growth polymer M. 1o~oJ~-o-(H,-o-~Jl N.;Y:;::Y;3 1. - Produced by reactions in which each bond in the polymer is formed independently of the others. Answer: L 2. - Isotactic propylene Answer: E 3. - Polymers obtained when two or more different monomers are allowed to polymerize together. Answer: K 4. - a polyurethane Answer: M 5. - Small organic molecules that act as lubricants between polymer chains. Answer: I 6. - Amorphous polymers that have the ability to stretch out and spring back to their original shape. Answer: B Test Items for McMurry's Organic Chemistry, Seventh Edition 345
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