mgmt quiz 1 stugy guide

mgmt quiz 1 stugy guide - Human resource management-...

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Unformatted text preview: Human resource management- process of attracting developing and maintaining a high quality workplace Equal opportunity opportunity-is the right to employment and advancement without regard to race sex religion color or national origin Affirmative action- is an effort to give preference in employment to women and minority group member Bona fide occupational qualifications- employment criteria justified by capacity to perform a job Comparable worth- holds that persons performing jobs of similar importance should receive comparable pay Pregnancy discrimination- penalizes a woman in a job or as a job applicant for being pregnant Workplace privacy- the right to privacy while at work Independent contractors- are hired on temporary contracts and are not part of the organizations permanent workforce Job Discrimination- occurs when someone is denied a job for non job relevant reasons Behaviorally anchored rating- uses specific descriptions of actual behaviors to rate various levels of performance Career planning- the process of matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunites for their fulfillment Coaching- occurs as an experienced person offers performance advice to a less experienced person Critical incident technique- keeps a log of someones effective and ineffective job behaviors Graphic rating scale- uses a checklist of traits to evaluate performance Human resource planning- analyzes staffing needs and identifies actions to fill those needs Mentoring- assigns early career employees as protgs to more senior ones Performance appraisal- the process of formally evaluating performance and providing feedback to a job holder Recruitment- is a set of activities designed to attract a qualified pool or job applicants Reliability- means a selection device gives consistent results over repeated measures Reverse mentoring- new employees train senior employees on new technology Selection- is choosing whom to hire from a pool of qualified job applicants Socialization- systematically influences the expectations behavior and attitudes of new employees 360 degree feedback- includes in the appraisal process superiors subordinates peers and even customers Validity- means scores on a selection device have demonstrated links with future job performance Work sampling- evaluates applicants as they perform actual work tasks Bonus pay- plans provide one time payments based on performance accomplishments Gain sharing- plans allow employees to share in costs savings or productivity gains realized by their efforts...
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mgmt quiz 1 stugy guide - Human resource management-...

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