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hw #1 - Alec Kraft Management Homework#1 Case#5 1 The...

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Alec Kraft Management Homework #1 Case #5 1. The planning process could be used to provide continuous improvement in the Lands’ End’s customer service by keeping your goals as a company in mind. The planning process allows for a company to be able to map out what they want to accomplish in a coming quarter or certain time period. Step 1 of the process is define your objectives which is where a company such as Lands’ End could lay out what they want to put into action to keep their customer service above the others. It doesn’t take long for a company to replicate your customer service strategy such as offering free gift wrap or free shipping to customers around the holiday season, which is why you always have to stay ahead of the game and come up with new ideas. Next you have to identify your strength that will work in your favor in accomplishing your goals, such as the reputation that you already have with your customers so you know they will keep coming back and spreading the word about your company.
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