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marketing hw last one - Alec Kraft Marketing 310 Pricing...

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Alec Kraft Marketing 310 11/26/10 Pricing Policies Homework 1. The decisions that a marketing manager must make in the Price area are vast and very important in whether a product will sell or sit on the shelf. They have to choose whether they are going ot go with a profit oriented, sales oriented, or status quo oriented pricing approach. If they go with a profit oriented approach as in the case with family run grocery stores. Family groceries stores are trying to make some money and stay above ground so they need to have a target return for example a certain % return on sales or they could focus on solely maximizing profits. This is usually the case with expensive products such as computers when they were first created where only the rich could afford them, but now with the price coming down on computers a wider group can afford the product and therefore the sales and profits go up. Another approach would be the sales oriented approach where the theory that more sales equals more profits is believed by the managers but not always true. The best way to go, in my opinion, if you are targeting sales is for to target a certain percentage of the share of the market. Apple is doing this in their computer sales where their market share has continued to grow over the recent
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marketing hw last one - Alec Kraft Marketing 310 Pricing...

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