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Alec Kraft Marketing Homework 3 1. A. 300 pounds of Maine lobster- The most suitable way of shipping Maine lobster would be by airplane because the delivery speed is very quick which is necessary with a item that needs to be kept cold. Lobster is also an item that customers prefer fresh so the quicker it is deliver to the customer the quicker they can get it to their customers. Although air travel is expensive the profit that will be realized even with the air costs is much higher than the loss you will take if you ship the lobster by truck or rail and the product soils. B. 15 pounds of screwdrivers from Ohio- With a product like screwdrivers the shipping method that would make the most sense would be either truck or air. Both methods would work but it depends on the urgency of the customer to receive the item. If the customer is in no desperate need for the item then I would ship the screwdrivers by truck because it is a quick mode of transport that is cheap, reliable and with a non perishable item will be fine. If the customer need the item urgently then delivery through air would be best. Airfreight is expensive but is a quick way to get the item there. With a non perishable item such as screwdrivers there is no real need to send the screwdrivers by air unless the customer needs the product ASAP. C. Three dining room tables from High Point, North Carolina- The best delivery mode for three dining room table would be delivery by truck. Shipping 3 tables by train would be a bad choice because 3 tables would not fill up a whole car which would mean much higher delivery costs. Using trucks for delivery would be the best option because the tables are bulky so they will have the room to get there without becoming damaged. Delivery by truck would also be good because is not a big city and with the accessibility of trucks the tables could be picked up straight from
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the warehouse in North Carolina. D.
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assignment 3 - Alec Kraft Marketing Homework 3 1 A 300...

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