MKTG 310 Exam 2 Study Guide

MKTG 310 Exam 2 Study Guide - Ch 7 Business and...

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Ch 7 Business and Organizational Customers How does the buying behavior of business/organizational buyers differ from that of final consumers? a. b. Purchase criteria and specs c. Multiple buying influence d. B2B e commerce e. Buyer seller relationships What are the major categories of business and organizational customers? a. Producers of goods and services b. Intermediaries c. Government units d. Nonprofit organizations What is a Vendor Analysis and how might one be used? a. A formal rating of suppliers on all relevant areas of performance. b. It may be used to deide which supplier or product is the overall best because a product that is best in one way may not be best in others What are the three types of Organizational Buying Processes? Characteristics of each? a. New task buying a.i. Occurs when a customer has a new need and wants a great deal of info b. Modified rebuy b.i. Is the in between process where some review of the buying situation is done though no as much as new task buying c. Straight rebuy c.i. Is a routine repurchase that may have been made many times before. Don’t look for new info What are some of the pros and cons of doing business with government organizations? a.
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MKTG 310 Exam 2 Study Guide - Ch 7 Business and...

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