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Alec Kraft Marketing Participation Questions 1. A. Competitive bids would be very likely to be used for resurfacing a road if the road is not a public road because if that was the case then the city would be paying for it. In a small town there may only be one choice to choose from for resurfacing the road so in that case there wouldn’t be competitive bids. B. Competitive bids would definitely be used in this case. With all the different companies out there that have the capabilities to print the scout book the company would want to get it done for the cheapest price and therefore would look for competitive bids. C. Competitive bids would also be used in this situation. There are many different lawnmower manufacturers so if more than one company makes the same lawnmower that you are looking to sell you would want to get it from the company that is the cheapest. D. Competitive bids would be used in choosing what company to buy the registers form and also in choosing who is going to install the product. Certain companies may offer
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