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Alec Kraft Marketing 9/7/10 Ch 3 Questions 4, 7, 12, 15 4. A firms resources may hinder their search for more opportunities in marketing because of the wide range of products that firms sell. With multiple lines of products it is much more difficult to pick a target market and cater to their wants in your advertising. This scenario is a way that a large firm may suffer due to the size of its business. 7. It will be difficult for the small business owner to adjust because he will finally have some competition. In the past the owner could charge whatever he wanted for his product but now he will have to lower his prices considerably because a large chain will be able to offer cheaper prices. This is where the business plan of the small business needs to change and concentrate on
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Unformatted text preview: the friendly service and help that you will receive at a small store and not at a large store. 12. The government is attempting to protect small businesses. If they do not regulate competition than large chains would be able to put every “mom and pop” store out of business. 15. The total profit approach is where management forecasts potential sales and costs during the life of the plan to estimate likely profitability. The return on investment approach is a way o analyze possible plans because equally profitable plans may require vastly different resources and offer different rates of return on investment....
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