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Alec Kraft Operations News Article Write Up The article that I read talks about the supply chain system of automotive companies. The article points out that the automotive industry is so demanding that suppliers are always on top of the orders because they do not want to lose the business because of the high volume. Suppliers score perfect scores 98-99% of the time in the automotive industry which is unheard of in any other industry. A score of 90% is still unheard of in other industry’s but according to AMR Research a score of 90 would be the equivalent of a failing grade in the automotive industry. One of the main reasons for the high scores is that suppliers use more e-business than other companies and
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Unformatted text preview: the companies share data and have for many years which has helped to speed up the process. The companies in the automotive industry are trying to set it up so that they will be able to data mine and set up OEM’s for their cars through all of the data that has been shared and with all of the data be able to create a competitive advantage over the competition. The other difficult aspect of the supply chain is in the design. With so many different companies contributing to the design of the car data sharing has to be quick and detailed so that they car will have the capability to come together as it was planned to do....
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