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Alec Kraft Operations Article on inventory management If a company has a strong product and can manage their inventory then their product and sales will both be successful. Apple is notorious for coming out with a new product and having lines wrap around their stores for the coming months because the demand is there for their products and the supply doesn’t meet the demand. This past summer the Iphone 4 came out in the United States and customers flocked to Apple stores to try and get their new phone. AT&T who is the only wireless provider offering the Iphone only received enough shipments to meet the preorder demand and everyone who didn’t pre order had to go through an Apple retail store. The inventory management by Apple was less than satisfactory and Apple employees and AT&T employees for over two month after the release of the phone had to answer the phone saying “Thank you for calling the Apple Store in (insert local town name) we are currently sold out of
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