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Alec Kraft Dr. Downey St. Francis of Assisi Chapter 4 “Man is by subjugating. All nondominating human virtues such as gratitude and friendliness, the capacity for suffering and sympathy, grief and tenderness, recede into the background.” (pg 54) Through this excerpt Metz is explaining the idea that if you fail to recognize human virtues such as gratitude and friendliness then your ability to feel suffering and sympathy go out the door. Grief and tenderness also disappear when man chooses to ignore human virtues. The idea here is that as men we need to be gratuitous and friendly otherwise we will lose touch with our ability to feel for others. “It is in fact not death itself which alienates us from ourselves and snatches life from us: it is, instead, the suppression of death, the flight from death.” (pg 57)
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Unformatted text preview: Metz is explaining that in our lives it is not death that takes life away from us it is the fear of death. Metz is under the belief that if you live everyday scared of your last day then you will miss the meaning of life and will not live life to its fullest. For this revolution is not, in fact, concerned with liberating us from our poverty and misery, but rather from our wealth and our totally excessive prosperity. (pg 61) The quote is explaining that, as Jesus, this revolution is not interested in helping those in poverty because everyone can live in poverty as far as their financials are concerned but in many cases those in poverty are more spiritual than those who are wealthy. This is why the revolution is more interested in liberating the wealthy and those with excessive prosperity....
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