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Alec Kraft Dr. Downey St. Francis of Assisi Chapter 3 Christians and Jews after Auschwitz “Unfathomable, and sometimes even more disturbing, is the silence of men; the silence of all those who looked on or looked away and thereby handed over this people in its peril of death to an unutterable loneliness.” (pg 39 paragraph 2) Knowing about something that is occurring and looking the other way is more disturbing because you are condoning the actions that are occurring and when these actions are not generally
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Unformatted text preview: accepted then you are handing your people over to their death. “Has not our attitude as Christians to this suffering often been one of unbelievable insensitivity and indifference; as though we believed this suffering fell in some kind of purely profane sector, as though we could understand ourselves as the great consequences in relation to it, as though this suffering had no atoning power, and as though our lives were not part of the burden placed upon it?” (pg 45 paragraph 1)...
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