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questions on Cook 1 & 2 - Questions on the Cook...

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Questions on the Cook Reading\Dr. Downey Chapter 1 1. What are some reasons why Pope Innocent III might approve Francis’ rule (deny people could live as Jesus did; anti-two big heretics groups; Francis’ humility and charisma). Which Pope gave Francis his first oral approval of the order of 1209? Which Pope approved his first written rule in 1223? All Francis and his brothers were doing was to live the life of the Apostles and if the Pope said no he would be denying the possibility of doing what all Christians strive to do. Second the heretical groups in Italy and France based some of their appeal on the claim that they rather than the followers of the pope were living the life Christ preached. Innocent III approved the order of 1209. Honorius III approved it in 1223. 2. Why did Francis want to get official approval from the Pope? Francis wanted official approval because the original rule was suitable for 12 men but not adequate for the Order a decade later. Francis wrote a rather long rule that was approved by Honorius. 3. Name the two heretical (broke away from mainstream of Catholics) groups that were also preaching spiritual reform but, unlike Francis, were against church as a structure, priests, and thought the body was bad? The Cathars and the Waldensians. 4. Changes after the death of Francis that brought a new situation and changed how his followers saw their lives (Franciscan Pope and Bishops, going to universities, reform of the Spirituals. What did the Spirituals want? The minority of friars who believed in literal imitation of Francis became a faction within the Order. 5. Name some of the social conflicts during F’s time (rise of cities and growing importance of money loss of traditional identity and values, conflicts between cities and between Holy Roman Emperor and Pope)
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questions on Cook 1 & 2 - Questions on the Cook...

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