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Alec Kraft Francis of Assisi 1/15/11 “Anonymous of Perugia” 1. (Chapter II The First Two Brothers who Followed Blessed Francis pg 37-39) The author may have chosen to depict this story because of the valuable underlying message that is present. The story starts to by teaching the reader that possessions have no value in the eye of God and the first step to being one with God is to rid yourself of the burden that valuables create. The story then continues by demonstrating that greed is very prevalent
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Unformatted text preview: in our society and that the easiest way to counteract greed is to be over generous as Francis was in this story. Francis made the priest think about his life after he decided to take money that wasn’t his and he learned a valuable lesson that changed his life. 2. (Chapter V The persecutions which the Brothers Endured as They Went Throughout the World pg 42-45) 3. (Chapter VIII How He Ordered That a Chapter be held and the Matters To Be Treated at the Chapter pg 51-53)...
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