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ais final exam - Alec Kraft Dr. Barone AIS Final I. Payroll...

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Alec Kraft Dr. Barone AIS Final I. Payroll Controls There should be a segregation of duties between the time-keeping clerk and someone checking to the employees check in for their time cards because some employees will clock in for a worker even though that worker is absent or late. The company does not have job tickets and disbursement records turned in to the payroll clerk with the time cards so that the hours can be properly distributed between jobs. The company needs a little more independent verification so they could use a paymaster to distribute the check for less of a chance of payroll fraud, and they should have the general ledger department verify the summary of transactions with the payroll summary voucher in the payroll department. Also, the company needs to limit the access to the information during the payroll transactions and the files that are created after the transactions. II. Short answers: 1. In the traditional manufacturing environment, there are two segregation of duties that should exist. Inventory control maintains accounting records for raw materials and Finished goods inventories while the custody of the assets are in the materials storeroom and finished goods warehouse. The other one is the cost accounting function accounts for work in process and should be separate from the work centers in the production process. 2.
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ais final exam - Alec Kraft Dr. Barone AIS Final I. Payroll...

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