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JUPITER SYSTEM SINGAPORE: THE HIRING DILEMMA SUMMARY There were six candidates, short-listed from 10. All six candidates were from diverse backgrounds with different abilities, personalities, and expectations. The selection would involve a matching process between the individual and job requirements, organizational culture and talent requirement. From company background, Jupiter System Singapore was a subsidiary of a North American software company that specialized in developing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for logistic service providers. The Singapore subsidiary was established in 1994 with a mission to penetrate the fast growing markets in the Asia Pacific region, including China. Over the next five years, from 1994 to 1999, the company enjoyed steady growth in the local market with positive revenues. In 1998, the company clinched about 22 deals, of which 17 were from Singapore, while the other five were from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. At the end of 1999, the company employed about 15 new employees: five sales employees, eight consultants and developers, who formed the project and technical team, and two administrators. And there was local market saturation caused global economic slowdown that affected the market performance in 2000. Christine Ng, one of the local pioneers who joined the company in 1995 as Product Manger and became Project Manger in 1997, was moved to the top. In 2000, she became Director of Operations in charge of the profitability of the Singapore operation including the sales division. Alice White, Chief Operation Officer, who worked at the company’s headquarters in San
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