kisi2 milly buset - Semoga bermanfaat, thx so add ne Kisi2...

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Semoga bermanfaat, thx so add ne Kisi2 Apa itu business ethics ? Apa beda etiket dan etika dan hukum Etika – nilai/nor yang seorang individu gunakan apakah suatu tindakan seorang itu dianggap dapat diterima dan layak. Business etik – nilai2 kolektif dari suatu bisnis yang dpt dgunakan untuk melihat perilaku2 kolektif dapat diterima atau tidak sangsi kurang jelas, bisa dilegalkan menjadi hukum…melanggar etika bisa dikucilkan Hukum- sangsi sudah jelas, melanggar hukum di pidana/prdata. Descriptive ethics Teleological frameworks fokus pada hasil perilaku seseorang apakah bisa diterima atau tidak - bahasa yunani telos deonteleological frameworks fokus apakah hasil itu adalah yang diinginkan atau tugas (benar atau salah) etical cycle… mitos mengenai bisnis ethics hal 23 why accept bribe? - Just doing my job, only faster - Doesn’t hurt anyone (organization is not considered) - Robin hood syndrome - My family and I would be better off - If I don’t do it, someone else will. Itegrity - ‘Adherence to a code of conduct especially moral or artistic value’ – Chapter 2 Siapa itu stakeholders (mana lebih penting) Apa peranan CSR Case…. Ethics and Business Introduction Velasquez's Thesis: Ethical behavior the best long term business strategy Ethical behavior is the best long-term business strategy means o in the long run
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o o ethical companies enjoy significant competitive advantages over unethical ones Why o o employees are more likely to loyally join & faithfully serve a company that treats its workers with loyalty and respect Assuming that it pays to do the right thing . . . still it's not easy to know what that is: e.g., how to balance o duties to shareholders o rights of employees o needs of customers o obligations to society 1.1 The Nature of Business Ethics What does ethical mean: Study of businessmen o "What my feelings tell me is right" (50%): Doing what your conscience tells you. o "What is in accord with my religious beliefs" (25%): Doing what the church or bible says. o What "conforms to the golden rule" (18%) o "conscience" sometimes commands wrongly or not at all o religion: sometimes commands wrongly especially others' religions, we're inclined to think Salmon Rushdie fatwah example "You shall not suffer a witch to live"? o the golden rule: perhaps commands wrongly: different strokes for different folks hard to interpret it Morality Definition: "the standards an individual or group has about what is right and wrong, or good and evil" Contrast: standards we hold about things that are not moral o legal standards o etiquette: rules of politeness o aesthetics: good & bad art; what's beautiful, ugly, etc. Five Characteristics of moral standards
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kisi2 milly buset - Semoga bermanfaat, thx so add ne Kisi2...

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