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Marketing Management Developing Marketing Strategies 1. Traditional view of business process Make, try to sell (market) it 2. Modern view Choosing the value, provide the value, communicate the value Frederick Webster: value defining process, value developing process, value delivering process 3. Value chain= alat mendefinisikan cara utk more customer value 4. Core competency: sekelompok yang luar biasa yg dimiliki oleh perusahaan, dan itu bukan terjadi seketika tapi terjadi over years, dan cannot be easily imitated. Contoh pohon unklab, yg tidak keliatan di pohon adalah akar, nah akar itu adalah core competency. 5. TUGAS : TRY TO IDENTIFY MARKETING PLAN OF ONE COMPANY 6. Business realignment Redefining the business concept
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Unformatted text preview: Reshaping the business scope Repositioning the company brand identity (KODAK,POS INDONESIA, AQUA, GOOGLE) 7. Marketing plan Is the central instrument for directing 8. Level of a marketing plan, Strategic, tactical 9. Planning Define the corporate mission Establish strategic business unit Assign resource to each SBU Assess growth opportunities 10. To define mission What is our business Who is the customers What is of value to the customer What will our business be 11. The business unit strategic planning process Business mission SWOT ANALYSIS Goal formulation Strategy formulation Program formulation Implementation Feedback and control 12....
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