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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR The perceptual Effective managers need to understand how their employees perceive a variety of issues in order to take appropriate 4 basic perceptual process Sensing phase=bagaimana dia melihat sesuatu, dan perhatikan dan merasakan. . Selection phase=filter out most information so that they can deal with the most Organizing = Translation= PERCEPTUAL ERROS Error in judging or understanding An important part of understanding individual differences in perception is knowing the source of these error. Accuracy of judgement=seberapa tepat orang itu menilai. . 5 common types of perceptual error 1. Perceptual defense=konsep diri, tendency for people to protect themselves against 2. Stereotyping(meniru-niru)=is the belief that all members of specific groups share similar traits and behavior 3. Hallo effect(kesan pertama)= refers to evaluating another person solely on the basis of one attributes, either favorable or unfavorable. 4.
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