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MARKETING MANAGEMENT Case about ourWedding.com Background SWOT 1. Strength o Jessica memiliki ide yang bagus o Jessica memiliki pengalaman dalam bidang marketing dan selling o Jessica memiliki pengatahuan di bidang situs desing o Website Jessica lebin terfokus pada daerah lokal, sehingga mempermudah pengguna local untuk mencari dan memperoleh informasi o Usaha ini sebagai pionir dalam usaha wedding di area local 2. Weaknesses o Biaya partisipasi sponsor yang relatif mahal o Isi website yang kurang lengkap o Jessica masih kurang percaya diri terhadap usahanya o Jessica kurang fokus/ kurang siap dalam menjalankan usaha 3. Opportunity o Mengadakan kerja sama dengan company yang bergerak di bidang wedding organizer o Ekspansi pasar (future). 4. Threat o Kompetitor berskala nasional o Adanya kekhawatiran dari pihak calon sponsor untuk bekerja sama o Kurangnya kesadaran dari pengiklan lokal untuk beriklah lewat website o Hacker threats Statement of the Problem: MIND CONFLICT + CORPORATE STRATEGIC PLAN Alternative Course of Action 1. Do both business and job together for long-term phase. Advantages: o In safety line because she still on the job o Kept clear of possibility of opportunity lost Disadvantages: o Difficult to control because her concentrate on two things
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o Impact on bad performance on both her job and business 2. Quit her job and focus on business that she build Advantages: o Focus o Good performance o More time for business Disadvantages: o Hard working o Costly. promotion Cost o High risk. Lost a lot of money 3. Our plan to do the strategy that is, make a short-term program (2 years) to create brand recognition, promotion, get a lot of customer, ads, band together with those company that involve in wedding event, do pricing strategy and always evaluate her business based on quality control
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ourWedding print - MARKETING MANAGEMENT Case about...

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