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BROTHERS CORPORATION SUMMARY Harrison’s is a multiline traditional department store which deals mainly with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. It was founded in upstate New York on September 15, 1898, by Aubrey and William Harrison. It is one of the largest privately owned retail stores. Traditional department stores like Harrison ‘s are beginning to experience the effects of a number of changes in the retail industry and being all things to all customer. Also, the industry faces the challenge of keeping a well-trained, highly motivated sales staff and management team. James Harrison adalah CEO dari company ini, dia menyewa consultant untuk membantu dia menaksirkan keunggulan dan kelemahan dari perusahaan. Dan hasilnya adalah, Konsultant menyarankan untuk lebih memperhatikan mengenai human resource function dalam cakupan Harrison Brothers. Harrison kemudian menginterview beberapa HR Managers dan Store Managers level. Brenda McCain adalah salah satu HR manager yang berkonsentrasi pada human resource management, she said that there is heavy turnover on the sales floor in our business, and the average sales person at Harrison Brothers is either part-time, an older employee, or one who is in between jobs, if a better job came along , they would snap it up immediately. For example, of the 119 part-time people hired in the last four months, 65 have left. Their selection procedures: “The main sources of our applicants are newspaper ads and word of mouth by present or past employees. Brenda also spend a good deal of time with training class and help out if the training classes are too large. Harrison hired salespeople at the minimum wage, and performed an annual evaluation of their performance to determine merit increases. They used sales productivity as the major criterion. Performance is evaluated on average sales per hour. Interview with store manager, Jennifer Daft, she said that with the new strategic direction of our company, however, I need human resources to be more of a key player. It’s not hard to get the merchandise we want to sell, but we need people who know how to merchandise it and how to sell it to customers. Interview with the operation manager, Pat Hartlake. Pat talked about interactions with the human resource department: I have a good working relationship with the Human Resource Department, but it took some time to develop that relationship. They have been somewhat slow in filling the vacant sales positions, and they don’t always respond as quickly as they should. They seem terribly understaffed and overworked most of the time. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM How does the company integrate the human resource strategy, processes, and the human resource function with the business? Because these necessary for the maximum impact on a business. SWOT ANALYSIS MATRIX
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