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ENTS 635 F2011 --- HW #4 Due Thursday morning 10/6/11 9:00am For this assignment, 1. Read carefully each problem and make sure you address the questions being asked and create/show the result/solutions asked for appropriately and clearly labeled and highlighted. 2. These problems require use of Excel and some version of Solver. All Excel work should be submitted in a single Excel workbook file with multiple appropriately named worksheets. Include the problem formulation in the problems setup/solution sheet. You may submit your work as a single Excel workbook, or as a Word document plus the workbook. You may find it easier to answer the questions in a Word document. Any workbook file should be named 635HW4-YourName.xlsx; any Word document should be similarly named (with doc/docs extension). If you choose to do the two files, before submitting, create a folder named 635HW4-YourName, compress it to create a Zip file, and then submit the compressed file. 3. When done, submit electronically by uploading this file through the Bb/ELMS assignment completion function. Make sure you hit “Submit” after uploading. 4. Print out a hardcopy to turn in at the start of class – its purpose is to be used by the grader to make notes about how your assignment is scored, to hand back to you so you will have an idea of why you lost points. Please staple (all sheets aligned the same way). Notes/Comments: • Late homeworks will not be accepted. • Follow all instructions to maximize your score/grade. Points will be deducted for not following instructions • I’ve added a discussion thread (HW4 to the Discussion Board; Post any questions concerning the
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635HW4doc - ENTS 635 F2011 HW#4 Due Thursday morning 9:00am...

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