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allegory of the cave response

allegory of the cave response - Honors Seminar 291A The...

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Honors Seminar 291A Sapna Contractor The Allegory of the Cave response September 6, 2011 The Allegory of the Cave by Plato is comparing and contrasting two types of people. The people in the light, meaning outside of the cave, and the people in the dark, meaning inside of the cave. They are essentially the same because they share the same thoughts in the way they perceive their life and world. The allegory is asking a question about why people act the way they do when there is change in their surroundings. It shows that if you are born in a life where you have only know one thing, then you are not going to want to believe there is another thing for fear of change and losing control on what you already know. Once someone forms a habit of seeing something that they think is original, for the first time, they will continue to question everything they see after it, assuming it is not the original. This is why the prisoners thought that what was in the world was not reality, but a mere illusion. The fear of seeing something that
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