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silent spring response - Sapna Contractor September 29,...

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Sapna Contractor September 29, 2011 Honors Seminar 291A Silent Spring Response Reform of an individual’s way of thinking to a more intellectual form rather than the old ignorant form is an important shift by itself. Radical thinkers have been attempting to do this for years. Everyone from Plato’s philosophical mentor Socrates, to critical analyst Thomas Kuhn, to the most prevalent of our time and environment, Rachel Carson, has done this in their own way. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring is not a paradigm shift exactly as Kuhn had enlightened, but because it does follow the steps of his cyclical theory, it is perceived to be a paradigm shift. Her work is so influential not because she created a new realm of science, but because she provided a way to revolutionize her subject. Kuhn’s Theory has six parts to it, and Rachel Carson’s argument can be broken up to fit each of these six categories. First there is normal science, the start and regular everyday understanding of the science. According to Carson, this was the use of harmful pesticides on a widespread and regular basis. It was overlooked as no big deal and thought of as normal. As shown in the Silent Spring video, people were so comfortable with pesticides that they would have no problem breathing them in and having their belongings and themselves be completely covered with pesticide. The next stage is the anomaly, where something is questioned or blamed.
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silent spring response - Sapna Contractor September 29,...

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