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temple grandin animals in translation passages

temple grandin animals in translation passages - a r en t...

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Tha t ' s t rue no matter wha t subject I 'm thinking about. For instance, i f you say the word "macroeconomics" to me I ge t a pic ture of those macrame flowerpot holders people used to hang from their ceilings. Tha t ' s why I c an' t understand economics or algebra; I c an' t picture it accurately in my mind. I flunked algebra. But othe r times thinking in pictures is an advantage. Dur ing the 1990s I knew all the dot-coms would go to hell, because when I thought about them the only images I saw were r ent ed office space and computers tha t would be obsolete in two years. The r e wa sn' t anything real I could picture; the· companies had no ha rd assets. My stockbroker asked me how I knew the two stock market crashes would happen, and I told him, "When the Monopoly play money starts jerking around the real money you' r e in trouble e . Page 17 (macroecon!) In the wild, though, there
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Unformatted text preview: a r en' t any electric shocks, and you can' t get food by pecking a lever. You get food by being highly attuned to the visual environment. Behaviorists finally started to catch on to the importance of vision to an animal when somebody did a famous experiment showing you could teach a monkey how to push a lever just by letting him look outside a window every time he hit the lever. They didn' t need to give the monkey a food reward, just a view. Animals need to see, and they want to see. Page 18 (vision and perception) Tha t ' s because normal people's perceptual systems are built to see what they're used to seeing. I f they're used to seeing gorillas in the middle of basketball games, they see gorillas. I f they're not used to seeing gorillas in the middle of basketball games, they don' t . They have inat t ent ional blindness. Page 25 (plato’s allegory of the cave reference!!!)...
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