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Directions for the ESL 408 Portfolio Due Monday, April 26 th The ESL 408 Writing Portfolio is a collection of the semester's writing accomplishments. It will give you a chance to demonstrate your mastery of various writing techniques and to provide an overview of your growth and development as a writer. The portfolio takes the place of a final exam, and it will be worth 5% of your final grade. The grade will be based on 2 components: the content and thoughtfulness of the portfolio cover letter, and the extent to which the portfolio is put together with care, according to the directions given. The portfolio cover letter is a two page introduction to your Portfolio. This is your opportunity to evaluate your writing experience and to analyze yourself as a writer. You might, for example, discuss what writing strategies and techniques you have learned, what writing weaknesses you have overcome, what weaknesses you have yet to overcome, or what strengths you have discovered in your writing. You could mention what you learned about
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