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ARGUMENT ESSAY citations - If it is a PDF file use page...

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ARGUMENT ESSAY - REFERENCES AND CITATIONS 1. Reference section - write the citations for each article in APA form, as it should appear in your References section. The citation given at the top of each of the articles is in MLA form. Take all that information and put into correct APA form. Article #1 citation: Article #2 citation: 2. In-text citations – refer to pages 429 – 431 in your textbook. A summary of the info: APA citations are in the text, immediately after the quote, paraphrase, or summary. Citations for APA normally include just the author’s last name and the year. For quotes, page numbers are also included. On line sources do not normally have page numbers. If it is an online version of an article, use the page numbers if provided.
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Unformatted text preview: If it is a PDF file, use page numbers. For web pages or articles with no pages indicated, you are supposed to count the paragraphs. However, for longer articles, you can count sections instead. For example, the in-text citations for article #1 should look like this: Paraphrase or summary Quote (Hepburn, 2006) (Hepburn, 2006, sect. 2) Write the in-text citation forms for article #2. 3. For cases where you mention the author’s name in your text, cite the year in parentheses right after the author’s name and place the page reference in parentheses before the final sentence period. For example: Hepburn (2006) states that “weak parents often contribute to the tragedy of alcoholic death in youth” (sect. 2)....
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