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ESL 408 ARGUMENT ESSAY ASSIGNMENT DETAILS You will write a 2 – 3 page essay in which you will present and argue for your position on the topic of supervised under-age drinking. You must use the two articles I provided as references. You must use material from these articles a minimum of 4 times. Your essay must have the following elements: 1. An introduction that catches the reader’s interest and provides the thesis statement, presenting a clear position on the issue. 2. A clear topic sentence for each body paragraph. The topic senetnce functions to preview the purpose of the paragraph and as a transition from one paragraph to the next. 3. A clear pattern of organization which is strictly adhered to. 4. Presentation of at least two reasons for your position, with references to the two
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Unformatted text preview: articles for support. 5. Statement and refutation of at least one possible opposing viewpoint, supported by references from the article. 6. A conclusion which reiterates the thesis and then has a strong finish, which might be a prediction, a challenge, or a call to action. A recommended outline: Presentation of the issue Thesis statement First reason and support Second reason and support Third reason and support First opposing argument, with refutation Second opposing argument, with refutation Conclusion The first draft of the essay will be due on Friday, March 19 th . I will grade this draft, so do your best work. You can add up to 10 points to your final essay grade if you do a good job on your revision....
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