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Research Paper Outline Draft 1 Outline I. Introduction A. Background Information 1. General Information – Today, internet is a part of every individual’s life. Everyone is depended and addicted to the internet. Internet is used by various types of people such as businessmen, corporate offices, parents, and is widely used by students. 2. Specific Information – This essay is to analyze the internet addiction of students. How this has an impact of the quality of education received by students. Also, we will go through how it will develop the students in today competitive world. B. 1. Why is this topic Important? : - Being a student, I use internet almost for everything I do. I use internet for academics, watching movies, playing games, downloading software, talk to my parents back home, and many other reasons. I am an internet addict. However, how is internet affecting my overall development in academics? Does internet help students like me to be intellectuals or abuses the true meaning of education. 2. My Thesis Statement: - Internet is a versatile resource in every student’s life and thus takes education to a completely new level for global competence. II. Social Use A. Email 1. Students can send emails to parents, friends to keep in touch. It usually helps to transfer data like photos and messages especially when students are physically away from home. E.g. International students. 2. Email can be used to communicate with professors, administrative offices of an institution. B. Instant Messaging 1. Messengers like aim, msn, etc let students chat with their friends, parents in which messages can be sent instantly. 2. Some messengers like Skype also allow video conferencing and voice chat which are free. Students can use these messengers free of cost and hence save a lot of money in cell phone usage. 3. Such messengers are used by educational institutions as guidance to current students and prospective students too. 4. Messengers can also be used for educational purposes. For example, two students working on a project live far away. Both of them can interact with these messengers rather than travelling. C. Social Networking Websites
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Outline - Mohammed W. Makda Research Paper Outline Draft 1...

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