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Paraphrase of two documents Poulter, M. (2007, March 30). What Do students use the internet for? . Retrieved from internet-for/ Surveyed about what they want in future from the university network, students say they want video  podcasts, or failing that audio, of their lecturers. They don’t want less personal contact with teaching staff,  but they want to be able to catch up with lectures on a video iPod on the train. They also want ubiquity:  they expect high quality access, wirelessly, everywhere. Having been brought up with Google and  Amazon, they have  very  high standards of ease of use. Paraphrase(below): Students expect many things from college and one of them is a good communication to the outside world apart from their academics. But, now with 
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Unformatted text preview: new technology, they want to advance and have measures to catch up on missed studies through technology. They know its possible and want colleges to make such resources available. Today, a college is also rated on the technological resources they provide to students. • Nagel, D. (2007, August 14). students actually use the internet for education. The Journal , 1-2. Beyond communications and networking, students are also engaging the Internet for creative purposes, from uploading podcasts to blogging to updating personal websites to writing articles that they submit to sites at least weekly . Paraphrase(below): The internet is also a place where young children and teens can show their talents to the outside world apart from using it for social means...
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